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Every child counts!

Abandoned, rejected, alone and afraid, these are the children Grain of Wheat embraces with the love of Jesus in 25 countries. The lives of countless broken-hearted children are forever changed as they trust in God’s great love for them through our camps and clubs.

It takes teamwork to bring hope to the many children who have never heard the name of Jesus. And we need you! Will you join our team by giving, so Grain of Wheat can go? Just imagine what the Lord will do through a strong team like us!

Because every child counts, will you partner with us and give a youth, the life-changing gift of a week at camp?

Make a gift!

Your financial investment, will grow exponentially in the hearts of the next generation as together we fulfill the mission of leading them to Jesus!

A little girl who changed her world

As a little child, April’s home was filled with the sound of loud angry voices throwing hurtful words around like feathers in the air. Helplessly, she was listening to her parents day after day as they bitterly threatened to divorce. When her friend invited her to a nearby Grain of Wheat club in the Patagonia of Argentina, she was…

Lal Din Mawaii

Who’s interested in Bible stories?

Lal Din Mawaii is 12 years old and lives in a very remote area of Chin State, nearby the Indian boarder. She is the middle child of five siblings. Her parents are farmers and life is tough for them as every 5 years they have to move to another area for better cultivation. The children…

Labelled Disabled No More!

Picture this, being labelled mentally disabled by the government, simply because you were born to a struggling single mom, or a parent who is involved in crime, alcohol or drugs. This is the bleak reality for many kids in former Russian countries. Irina* is one of these kids. She lacked any parental nurturing which left…