Director: Gellert Pfaf


Our offices are in the capital city, Budapest

Our outreaches in 2016:

  • 340 children attended fairs and other activities
  • 11 camps for a total of 1123 children
  • 120 children attended our 22 weekly clubs
  • 120 volunteers received training

Grain of Wheat in Hungary is currently refocusing on training churches to do quality children’s ministry

God’s Love Calling Children

Kids all around the world have one thing in common, each one has a strong desire to be loved. Early in life, they often learn that love isn’t freely given by those closest to them, it’s something they must earn. That’s why at Grain of Wheat we spend quality time interacting and listening to children…

Who Cares About Gypsy Children?

In Hungary, the Roma (gypsies) have a “bad reputation”. They live well below the poverty line and sink into long term unemployment because they have little to no education or job skills. Many of them can’t even read or write. Roma children are frequently classified as mentally handicapped, even if they are not. Due to…