Country Director: Ronnie Bassous



Our Lebanese office is in the capital, Beirut.

Our outreaches in 2016:

  • 41’600 children attended a live performance of our team
  • 8 camps with 310 children
  • 2998 children regularly attended one of 6 different weekly clubs
  • 60 volunteers received training

After a time when Lebanese children were sent to Switzerland in order to be taken care of in camps, camps and children clubs started to be organised directly in Lebanon. Nowadays, Lebanon is a hub of our activities in the whole region, doing camps, clubs and training for children ministry

Heroes can be young too

“Heroes can be Young Too” was the theme for Lebanon’s summer camps this year. Kids from Syria and Lebanon were empowered to live boldly as leaders among their peers through learning how deeply the Lord loves and values them. Bible stories of young leaders such as Josiah, Miriam, and Jesus as a boy set the…

Breaking Barriers to Unite Churches

Our lebanese team has a deep desire to include all churches in GWI’s camp ministry. This is a groundbreaking effort as most churches in Lebanon do not work together. Interview with one of your team’s member.    What do relationships between local churches and GWI Lebanon look like? «That is a great question… To begin with, all of our camp…