Director: Razvan Duminica

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Alo!Copii, our partner in Romania since 2006, emphasises the training of children’s workers in local churches. Through local and national training events the number of clubs and camps are growing.

Our outreaches in 2016:

  • 700 children attended 16 different clubs
  • 18 camps for 700 children
  • 1600 children attended public live events
  • 1385 volunteers received training

Immediately after the revolution in 1989, Grain of Wheat worked with Cristian Moisescu to have a children’s camp site at Moneasa (a village in Eastern Romania, close to the border with Hungary) under the name Bobul de Grau (Grain of Wheat in Romanian). In 2006, the ministry developed through a partnership with Aletheia Christian Centre in the city of Timisoara and the national ministry of Alo!Copii started.

A Unique Time of Joy

Summer camp is a happy time for any child, but for some, it is a unique time of JOY. Not even in their wildest dreams could three brothers have imagined the surprise awaiting them when they were invited to a Grain of Wheat camp in the beautiful mountains of Romania. These boys, Laurentiu, Marian and…

Commonality within Diversity

In Romania, kids come to summer camp from a wide variety of backgrounds. The children who live in small villages come from very poor families and spend their summer looking after animals or growing vegetables. For many, this is the only vacation they will have all year. Some live in small flats in the city…