Vera Izotova

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Opening an office in Moscow shortly after the collapse of the former Soviet Union has opened us the doors to its immense territories, from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the Siberian Far East. Russia is the hub of our work in the region, running extensive training and helping churches organise camps for children, many of whom are from broken homes.

Our Moscow office oversees the activities in ten countries from Armenia to Mongolia.

Our outreaches in 2016:

  • 1332 children attended our 53 different clubs
  • 69 camps for 4359children
  • 13571 children attended special events
  • 780 volunteers received training
  • 2608 people volunteered in the ministry

Embracing the Future with Faith

Ksenya and Nastya live in a poor area 90 miles southwest of Moscow and are both doing very well in school. But how can they have any hope of a good job in the future when the world around them is falling apart?… Both girls come from broken homes. Fourth grader Ksenya, lives in a 3-bedroom…

Displaced but not Discourage

In St. Petersburg, according to recent statistics, every fifth child comes form a dysfunctional family and 12,000 children are homeless. Liana, age 7, was born in Syria. Her Russian mother and Syrian father are now divorced, as the war forced her mother to escape back to St. Petersburg. Liana still sees her father via Skype…