Director: Patrick Gasser

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Our Swiss office is located in the historical Ballaigues complex, in a village in the countryside of Lausanne

Our outreaches in 2016:

  • 8 camps for 296 children
  • 2177 children attending other events
  • 81 volunteers
  • 10 people trained

Work in our country of birth has gone from welcoming war orphans in the forties to organising camps with a focus on socially disadvantaged children today

Happiness and Joy shall always triumph in my House

Within my walls in Jura-Rosaly, Switzerland, I cherish the memories of migrant children, teens and couples I welcomed in my house during the past winter! The youngest was 2 years old and had traveled with his parents all of the way from Syria. I so loved watching him run with unbridled JOY down my halls.…

Gospel, Sport and Children

What comes to your mind when you hear “KidsGames”? Fun, competition, laughter? Well there’s even more!! KidsGames, is a huge biennial event that was launched in Switzerland in 2004 attracting 2,000 kids from 16 different regions in the French speaking area of Switzerland. It is structured like the Olympics and encompasses athletic games, discovery of…