Nehemia, a 10 year old boy from Amboromalandy, Madagascar. Nehemia shared : ”I loved to lie, swear and fight. I had never heard about faith in God or praying to Him. My life was desperately hopeless. But through the Bible stories I heard at camp, I learned that Jesus loves sinners and children, but He doesn’t like lies and wrong behaviour. The best decision I’ve ever made is inviting Jesus into my heart! I am no longer the same hopeless boy. Now, I love to pray and will encourage my father and grandmother to pray too.”

Nehemia, 10 years old

Sendrasoa age 9, was completely uncivilized and filled with fear when she arrived at the Grain of Wheat camp in Madagascar. The simplest of things was new to her, even eating at a table and using silverware. But she was eager to learn and began to thoroughly enjoy eating politely with the other children. She loved playing camp games, but her greatest delight was listening to Bible stories about Jesus’ love for her. Her once fearful heart now overflows with the joy of God’s forever hope.

Sendrasoa, 9 years old