Young Hovhannes’ great grandparents barely escaped the Armenian Genocide in 1915 by migrating to Syria.

His Christian family was living a peaceful life there until Muslims kidnapped Hovhannes’ father and grandfather as they walked home from work one day. Because they refused to convert to Islam, they were beheaded.

His mother, along with the remaining family, moved to Lebanon, then settled in their home country of Armenia.

In the summer of 2015, Hovhannes, who is the eldest, and his sister Meghedy were invited to a Grain of Wheat camp.

At first Hovhannes cried constantly and begged to go home, as the shadows of fear and horror from his past were tormenting him.

After long conversations with his leader, Hovhannes began to share is pain. From fragile and heartbroken, Hovhannes became fearless and full of joy as Jesus’ love and hope transformed his life’s perspective.

Now that he’s back at home, Hovhannes’ mother Angela is astonished by this miraculous turnabout in her son!

Grain of Wheat Armenia’s team personally stays in touch with Hovhannes and Meghedy.