Twelve-year-old Anzur* remembers: “My mother was only 16 when she was married and I was born a year later. When I was still little, my father was out hunting and died when his friend shot him.

… A few years later, my mother fell in love with a man who beat and abused her. Once, he even hit her with his fist so hard that she bent in half, before he could hit her on the back with a stone, her friend intervened and stopped him.

In 2009, my mother married a man from Iran. The following year, they had a baby boy and we all moved to Dushanbe (Tajikistan’s capital).

When I was invited to a camp organized by Grain of Wheat in Tajikistan, I wanted to go, but was filled with anxiety. It ended up being the best camp ever because I became a Christian and so did my mother and grandmother!

I know God loves me because He gave me a mother, a father, and little brother. What a JOY it is that we all believe in God now and my family is so happy”.

* Name changed for privacy