Within my walls in Jura-Rosaly, Switzerland, I cherish the memories of migrant children, teens and couples I welcomed in my house during the past winter!

The youngest was 2 years old and had traveled with his parents all of the way from Syria. I so loved watching him run with unbridled JOY down my halls. I’ll also dearly miss the children from Afghanistan who brought the spirit of “family” to life as they built loving relationships with those who had also come from distant countries.

If only you could have seen the JOY of two little girls who helped the kitchen staff. They found such delight in doing simple things such as washing vegetables and preparing biscuits for our Christmas dinner as a surprise for everyone. Even now it brings a smile as I picture the adults and teens becoming friends over a game of cards and playing soccer.

I have also seen a lot of anger, tears and suffering, but in my house, each despairing heart was surrounded by the compassionate support of others and by this, found comfort and the JOY of the Lord. This true JOY will be within each heart throughout their lives.

When, it was time to say goodbye to each precious guest from a faraway land, the entire Grain of Wheat team along with each volunteer gathered on my front porch to give warm hugs and promises of prayer to each one.

These are the words that resound again and again in my house: “Your words O Lord have brought happiness and JOY to my heart”.

Véronique André

Note: Jura-Rosaly is a house owned by Grain of Wheat Switzerland to run camps. It is also used to welcome refugees in this time of crisis.