Grain of Wheat’s calling to needy and suffering children dates back to its post World War II beginnings when German children were brought to Switzerland to recover health and strength. Our focus on meeting children’s global needs has always led to providing humanitarian aid, even though it is not our first goal or main capacity. Our aid is tailored to different situations in different countries.

In Albania, for instance, Grain of Wheat has been working for many years with twenty families who live in and from a dump in the outskirts of the capital, providing basic necessities with the aim of getting the children into local schools. In Colombia, a sponsorship program provides more than fifty children from drug-ridden areas with vouchers for purchasing food and clothing. In Madagascar, a country so poor that items like soap and toothbrushes are often a luxury, we have to start with the basics, teaching kids in our clubs to use the toilet, wash their hands and brush their teeth, play games and eat balanced meals.

In summary, we seek to meet psycho-social needs in Western Europe. In Eastern Europe, we bring aid to children from homes torn by violence or alcohol, children in orphanages and institutions and run camps for disabled children. We tender to even more basic needs in South-East Asia, Madagascar and Colombia.