Grain of Wheat International places great importance on training leaders in children’s ministry. Setting the pace already back in the early 1990s, Grain of Wheat in Russia rapidly saw how training leaders made a dynamic difference in both the quality and the quantity of their outreach.

Now, largely through collaboration with other children’s ministries, training has become a vital part of what we do in every country. Child Psychology, Storytelling, Camp Program, Games, Child Protection, Sport, Discipline and Puppetry are only a few of the many topics covered in the different training seminars we organize.

Grain of Wheat International benefits from the rich experience of Evelyne Richir and Peter and Cynthia Empson who have taught children’s leaders around the world. The Empson’s LAT: Learn Act Teach courses and TOT: Training of Trainees, are key to multiplying the number of young people who are equipped and enthusiastic about reaching the world’s children.