Camps :

Children who had never heard the name of Jesus were captivated by this 18 day camp, which took place in July 2015. Everyday they could read Bible stories that taught the children about God, their great, wise and all-powerful Creator. They could also talk about topics such as “how to act responsibly, be courageous and understand the real meaning of life”. Songs and prayer were part of the evening meetings, along with personal stories and testimonies. These children played together in a spirit of friendship and respect. They will never be the same, as they each went home with a clear understanding of the price they have in the eyes of God. They went back home knowing the importance of prayer and a newfound hope in His love.

I have never seen my son so happy!
Exclaimed the mother of a boy who had come to camp for the first time.

Clubs :

Spiritual nurturing through a wide variety of activities continues after camp at the Grain of Wheat weekly club meetings. An opportunity kids especially enjoy is helping their community by cleaning yards and city streets. They also take one-day trips to the countryside over their autumn break. Disabled children and their parents are given much needed hope, as they are embraced and supported by Grain of Wheat through club meetings especially designed to meet their unique needs.

Yana (gauche) Abkhasie page 5

Yana, 12 years old

”I had never been to camp before and was so surprised that it was held by a beautiful river in the countryside, which was really cool! Swimming in the river was totally fun and I loved the other sports activities and competitions too. I had heard a little about God from one of my friends. But at this camp, not only did I learn so much more about God, I now know Him personally. I even prayed for the first time in my life! I never thought I could have hope, but now I do because it is so easy to talk to God. I will definitely go to club after camp!”

We are filled with awe as we see God at work in the hearts of these children! Our continual prayer is that the Lord will strengthen the faith and hope of each one who comes to our camp.